Hispanic Republicans Of Texas
Houston Police Officers’ Union
Houston Region Business Coalition (HRBC)
The LinkLetter
Mexican American Bar Association
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC (TLR)
Texas Conservative Review
Texas Latino Conservatives (TLC)
Texas Right To Life
United Republicans of Harris County
Mary Nan Huffman, Houston Council Member
Chris Daniel, Former District Clerk
Harvey Brown, Former Justice
Briscoe Cain, Texas House Representatives
Gaylyn Devine, SREC SD11 Committeewoman
Jacquie Baly
Allen Hassenflu
Norma Brady Jeter, Grassroots Activist
Alexandra del Moral Mealer
Carl Shaw
Joe Slovacek
Mary Jane Smith
Dan Spjut, Former Judge
Jay Zeidman
Fred Zeidman

A Special Message From Dr. Ed Young